Optimize Your Chargemaster, Strengthen your Reimbursement Structure

A chargemaster is one of the foundational elements to assure your organizations financial health. Ensuring that it is up to date provides you with the confidence that you’re compliant and capturing maximum reimbursement.

Our team of highly skilled experts designed this comprehensive package to identify any compliance issues and revenue opportunities, while delivering you a market pricing analysis, charging strategies, and reimbursement maximization. The deliverables from this package assures we will guide your team to correct these missteps and get you back up and running like a well-oiled machine.

What’s Included in Our CDM Review?

  • Review of CPT/HCPCS codes, revenue codes, modifiers, and charge descriptions 
  • Strategic pricing analysis based on market data 
  • Recommendations for charge structure
  • Professional fee service review 
  • Review mark-up tables for pharmacy and supplies
  • Identify internal price discrepancies 
  • Review of pharmacy multipliers 
  • Validate CDM policies and procedures
  • 360° Claims Audit
  • Review of pricing transparency policy 
  • Analyze cost report and its relationship to the CDM 
  • Analyze revenue impact from proposed changes