Solutions Tailored to Get Results

We offer a range of solution-based services that are tailored to meet your facility and team’s needs. We utilize our strong depth of knowledge, experience, and our unique partnership approach to deep dive into your processes, evaluate your team’s current knowledge base and assess the areas in need of efficiencies. We use this information to develop and guide you through the most creative and effective solution to get your revenue cycle spinning at top speeds.

Our Solutions

Are you grinding your gears and unsure of where to start to improve your revenue cycle? We got you. Our team of experts breaks down your team’s current level of knowledge to customize a solution that will work best for you!

Audit does not have to be a scary word. It is a useful and powerful tool that allows you to see your current performance and improvement areas, putting you one step ahead of the payors. Let us help you eradicate the stress from the unknown and provide you with recommendations and support to meet compliance regulations and maximize your reimbursement.

Our unique and effective self-pay solutions provide your team support to tackle the hardest obstacle in the industry: collecting self-pay balances. Our model allows us to integrate with your processes and collaborate with your consumers to resolve their self-pay balances.

Your chargemaster is one of the foundational elements to assure your organization’s financial health. Ensuring that it is up to date provides you with the confidence that you’re compliant and capturing maximum reimbursement.

Our team of highly skilled experts designed this unique package to identify any compliance issues and revenue opportunities, while delivering you a market pricing analysis, charging strategies, and reimbursement maximization. The deliverables from this package assure we will guide your team to correct these missteps and get you back up and running like a well-oiled machine.

Turn managed care contracting into your competitive advantage. 

Through our industry experience, we have obtained intimate knowledge of Payor strategies, market rates, and contract language. We will review your initial contracts, handle ongoing negotiations, notify you of changes coming down the pipeline, and most importantly, make sure you are getting paid what you deserve.

Maximize the Power of Cerner

Utilizing an overarching understanding of interdepartmental process workflows and in-depth knowledge of Cerner capabilities, our highly skilled team of experts break down communication barriers and bridge the gaps, allowing you to harness and maximize the power of Cerner.

ruralMED Management Resources services are not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Oracle/Cerner or any of its companies, affiliates, or subsidiaries.  

Revenue cycle education is one of the least available and one of the most sought-after educations/trainings within the healthcare industry. This residency program is structured with a mix of small group trainings and one-on-one mentorship sessions tailored to elevate your team to their highest potential.

Our HIM/Coding and Revenue Cycle support packages offer you the opportunity to ascend your team to their peak performance by always having an expert resource available.

When you sign up for one of our support packages, you gain access to our ”Inner Circle” client portal. Within the portal, your team will have access to our reference library with educational documents, on-demand webinars, guides, toolkits, and more!

Integrated Solutions

To us, the word “outsourcing” leads you to put a quarter in the swear jar. However, we strongly believe that there are several benefits to bringing an outside resource “inside” to provide expertise and coverage for your operations. 

From full-service coverage or casual support until you are back to full staff, to delivering additional resources like customized education, we seamlessly integrate alongside your team to provide support where it is needed.

  • Full-Time, Part-Time, or Casual Coding Coverage
  • Coding and Billing Audits & Reviews
  • Custom Coding Education
  • Full-Time, Part-Time, or Casual Billing Coverage
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Custom Revenue Cycle Education