Why We Exist

We believe for rural healthcare to thrive, effective and innovative solutions must be created and implemented in a way that matches the individual needs of each organization and the communities they serve.

Our Mission:

ruralMED Revenue Cycle Resources supports rural healthcare through collaboration focused on strategically tailored services, effective leadership, and industry-specific expertise.

Our Vision:

To be the leading resource for rural healthcare.

Our Values:

It Begins With You: Own It.

Pave the Way. Never Settle.

Be Thoughtful. Be Transparent. Be Extraordinary.

Work Fearlessly. Celebrate the Wins.

Capitalize Our Strengths. Achieve Excellence.

Our Team of Experts: Our Leadership

Shelly Cassidy, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Services

Shelly Cassidy is the Vice President of Revenue Cycle Services. She brings a remarkable level of experience and energy to the Revenue Cycle arena. She found success in elevating revenue cycle performance early in her career and now has a deep desire to help others achieve the highest level of excellence. Her insight and vast experience support organizations to maximize cash flow by sharing best practices, guiding teams, and finding efficiencies within the revenue cycle. Shelly has a passion for mentoring, training, and coaching for both Revenue Cycle and overall leadership development.

My Passion:

“I have gained invaluable experience from my successes, achievements, and even my mistakes. It brings me so much joy and it continuously drives my passion when I can share my knowledge in a way that inspires and motivates others to jump out of their chair excited to take their organization and their team members to the highest level of excellence.”

Hayley Prosser, Director of Revenue Cycle Services

Hayley Prosser is our Revenue Cycle Director. She guides and leads our Revenue Cycle Billing and Coding services. She has broad knowledge of both the hospital and physician revenue cycle, including an extensive background in critical access hospital and rural health clinic billing and coding. She is able to quickly identify areas of opportunity and collaborate with key stakeholders to implement process improvements.

My Passion:

“Every day I am fulfilled and inspired by my team. We are able to work in a way that utilizes our knowledge, experience, and strengths to not only get a job done but to empower our clients and make a huge impact on rural healthcare!”

Ashley Weinmaster, Coding Manager / Certified Coding Auditor & Educator

Ashley’s years of experience allows her to understand the revenue cycle from A to Z, and she has an extensive background and detailed understanding of professional coding. This knowledge gave her the knack to be able to see exactly where in the process the inefficiencies lie. Allowing her to transform a process from sluggish to full throttle.

My Passion:

“I truly love working closely with a client. Being able to build a close relationship allows for a stronger foundation of success. However, nothing fills my bucket more than seeing direct positive results from my actions, decisions, and hard work! While helping a facility streamline a process, I do not stop until I 100% feel it is the best it can possibly be.”

Samantha Monahan, COC, CAH-CBS, Coding Manager / Certified Coding Auditor & Educator

Samantha has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, working in administration, education, reimbursement, billing, and coding sectors. In addition to being an auditor and consultant, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience as an active AAPC advocate and has been a featured speaker for the AAPC, 3M, and other healthcare organizations. She is actively involved with the AAPC and has held the offices of secretary-treasurer and president in her local chapters.

My Passion:

I love that I have found my “purpose” at ruralMED. Each day, I have the opportunity to assist the clients we work with in numerous ways—whether it be through our coding audit services or educational workshops. I get the opportunity to be a part of our client’s growth in their knowledge, revenue, and service to their patients. I am so thankful I get the opportunity to make an impact on an individual level, as well as an organizational level with our clients. I am so humbled to be a small part of their excellence!

Jen Harris, Revenue Cycle Consultant

Jen has gained over 30 years of healthcare experience from her roles of HIM Director, HIPAA Privacy Officer, Med Staff Coordinator, and Revenue Cycle Consultant. Her success on EHR conversion and Revenue Cycle steering committees along with her leadership capabilities allow her to specialize and be one of our leading experts in HIM/Billing and chargemaster guidance.

My Passion:

“I am passionate about rural healthcare due to its necessity for the people and communities to thrive. I see providers travel great distances to help provide care to our patients at rural facilities, and I am driven to offer the same level of care to those facilities’ financial and compliance needs. My role at ruralMED fulfills my passion at the patient care level by allowing me to dig deeper to ensure facilities are financially and regulatorily sound.”

Dixie Ganshert, Revenue Cycle Manager

Dixie has spent almost the last 15 years working throughout nearly every area of the revenue cycle which makes her one of our best reporting, data, analysis, and process optimizers. She sees messy situations as puzzles that she pieces together in the most efficient and organized way to reach the highest level of excellence.

My Passion:

“Working at ruralMED and within the healthcare industry is a perfect fit for my passion of learning and serving others. I love being able to make connections that provide me the opportunity to learn while sharing my knowledge with others. The exchange of wisdom is extraordinary.”

Who We Serve

Health systems are constantly facing financial challenges that impact your bottom line. From the complexities of payor reimbursements, government regulations, contract negotiations, alternative payment models, raising care costs, and the desire for a better patient experience.

From Acute Care and Specialty Hospitals to Critical Access Hospitals, our experience and insight will help you navigate these challenges and help you achieve revenue cycle excellence.

Primary Care and Specialist Clinics
No clinic is the same shape or size, and our solutions scale to meet your needs. Whether it is providing support to your current team, taking items off your plate, or empowering your current team to exceed expectations.

Rural Health Clinics
Rural health clinics play by different rules. Whether you are newly credentialed or have been supporting your community for years, we understand that each dollar makes a huge impact. We are here to help you navigate the complexities surrounding payor regulations and reimbursement.